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The life of Federico Fellini, the internationally renowned Italian director known for his early avant-garde style, has captivated the attention of dozens of published biographers, each attempting to give unique factual accounts and analysis of the Italian master's life.

But few writers are able to approach Fellini with the privilege of intimate experience and friendship. Director and scriptwriter.
Regarded as one of the most visionary and fertile figures of Italian cinema in the postwar-era.
More than any other filmmaker, he was able to transform the realities of his life into the surrealism of his art.

Though originally part of the neorealist school, the eccentricity of Fellini's characterizations and his absurdism in comedy separated him from renowned contemporaries like Vittorio De Sica or Roberto Rossellini. In 1952, the film 'Lo Sceicco Bianco' marked the beginning of a long-lasting work with composer Nino Rota. One year later in 1953, Fellini's initial masterpiece came out 'I Vitelloni'.

The road to unanimous international acclaim was now paved and his fame road to unanimous international acclaim was now paved and his fame utterly blossomed with 'La Dolce Vita' in 1959, side by side with actor Marcello Mastroianni, most likely to become his cinematic alter ego.

The Oscar came with '8 1/2' and his career continued in full swing over the years until his final effort 'La Voce della Luna'. This book contains over 304 pages on Fellini's entire body of work. and behind- the-scenes pictures.









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