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Mi Cuba is a great gallery of true-life pictures on Cuba and a whole gamut of images spanning from the typical postcard to an ordinary person's day-to-day life.

This book unveils the real face of the island through the nostalgic pages and writings of political refugees, along with the scorching visual commentary of photographer Stefano Pacini recounting Cuba's special period.

Gordiano Lupi's content describes the manifold aspects of Cuba's culture: music, santería, literature, habits, superstition, fun, cuisine.

The book opens with a poetic prologue, quite anostalgic farewell to his far native country entitled El desterrado (The exiled) written by poet Julio San Francisco from his stay in Madrid.

The following chapters contain a short history of Cuba, its musicand culture, the santeria and other religious matters.

The narrative pages cover the stories of the capital Havana written by Alejo Carpentier, but also its cinema written by Andy Garcia, the local cuisine and a whole reportage from the street life on the island during the forty-nine years of Fidel's regime.


























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