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"TIBETAN SHADOWS" is an engrossing cultural journey through the Himalaya and the region of Tibet under the crushing Chinese regime.

Mustang, Zangskar, Bhutan, Ladakh and all the refugees living in Northern India stand as the last survivors of a dying breed that had such a compelling influence over our Western fantasy.
In this book, Claudio Cardelli is walking hand in hand with the reader to share his memories and breath taking moments around the valleys and ridges crowning the ancient realms of the Tibetan culture and life.
Overthirty years to explore the entire region and its treasures have led the writer to debate over the now critical political and humanitarian issue.
The captivating account of two different trips in time prompts a natural comparison between the situation backin 1987 and the present-day events, in the attempt to follow the tracksof the endless tragedy of the Tibetan people.

About the author : Head of his own foundation called Associazione Italia-Tibet, filmmaker of numerous documentaries on the Indian-Tibetan world, 'disciple' and close friend of Fosco Maraini, the faithful right hand of the Dalai Lama in Italy, whom Claudio has also personally known since1982.
Cardelli is aday-one witness of what has been going on over the Roof of the World and "TIBETAN SHADOWS" his legacy.

This book explores essential themes and issues concerning modern Tibet. Relying on new photos archival material, primary sources, and interviews with both sides, including the Dalai Lama.









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