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Walter Chiari

Twenty years have gone by since his death, which occurred on December 20, 1991, in solitude and poverty in a faraway residence on the outskirts of Milan, his last, dismal abode.

Marcello Mastroianni
Beyond the latin lover...

Mastroianni has been and still is now the best known Italian actor of all time, as well as Fellini's fave. The archetype of the iconic Italian latin lover has been perfectly represented by the handsome features of his famous face for generations.

My Diary of India

India is the largest democracy on the planet.. Millenary rituals live back to back with the most advanced computer science. All climates and habitats on Earth can be found all across the Country and under the most extreme conditions. Languages, dialects, religions, architecture develop through the most different ways to travel, build, live. Likely to be the ultimate experience for the contemporary traveller.














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